A 6-week course at American College Dublin
LifeLong Learning Institute. Presented by Melanie O’Reilly
Dates: Sept 29th, through to Nov. 3rd
Days: Thursdays. Times: 7pm -9pm

Melanie O'Reilly during a vocal instruction class

Sign Up For Online Teaching!

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Melanie is delighted to continue teaching online at Walton’s New School of Music in Dublin. Registration is now open for her Sing & Swing Jazz Vocal Ensemble class. She also teaches online one-on-one vocal classes. To enroll, visit Walton’s site or call 086 869 5415.

About Melanie

Melanie is an experienced vocal instructor and has taught in the United States and Ireland.


Melanie was a Visiting Scholar/Musician-in-Residence with the Celtic Studies program at the prestigious University of California (Berkeley) from 2003-08. During her time on the Bay, she also taught jazz vocals and Irish song at the California Jazz Conservatory, and continues to teach there on a regular basis.

Between 2005 and 2018, Melanie worked at academies across the state including New College (San Francisco), New World Music Academy (Pleasanton), Oakland School of the Arts and the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music.

She was also Vocal Performance Coach at the Veksler Academy of Music (Silicon Valley), and for the students of Lee Kane’s Theatre Dance company.


In Dublin, Melanie has given annual songwriting masterclasses at Walton’s New School of Music for a decade. Further south, as part of the International Cork Jazz Festival, she gave a ‘Masterclass in Vocal Jazz Rhythm’ for Cork’s New School of Music (2015-16).

These days, Melanie is a part-time faculty member as vocal instructor at Walton’s New School of Music (Dublin) and teaches a range of vocal courses in Wexford.


“Melanie is a very talented teacher and her classes are a joy. She has a natural flair for communicating her extensive knowledge of jazz and swing music with infectious enthusiasm and fun. There was a lovely dynamic in our group and we all learned to sing great songs with impressive rhythm & harmony.”

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Sing & Swing Jazz Vocal Ensemble with Melanie. She is a brilliant teacher and made the classes very enjoyable and educational. Her song choices were fantastic and we learned to sing in some wonderful three-part harmonies. Many thanks!”
T. O’Grady-Peyton

“Melanie’s Sing & Swing Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Walton’s) is a weekend highlight! Even in these online ‘Zoom’ times, Melanie kept it fun and focused with individual tuition, blended with jazz history and a wide repertoire of songs.”
E. Kelly

“Melanie’s Sing & Swing Jazz Vocal Ensemble inspires confidence even in the most hesitant singer. I learned lots about the jazz/swing era and its music at this class – and all in a relaxed atmosphere. Very enjoyable.”
M. Bourke

“Melanie’s Sing and Swing Jazz Vocal Ensemble is very enjoyable, it is for everyone who likes swing jazz. The structure of the class gives you a chance to learn and understand the basic and then work further on the songs…Highly recommended!”

“My thanks to Melanie for the fantastic lessons last term. She is an excellent teacher, very patient and I really enjoyed the course!”
A. Keenan

“Melanie is a wonderfully experienced teacher and adaptable to working with me in a manner that best suited me. As someone who lives away from Dublin, I was delighted I could participate in something which is normally not be feasible for me. The experience of being able to participate in something which would normally be out of reach to me was wonderful.”
M. Murphy